Best of Sigma Brushes

Makeup is one of the most important routines in a woman’s life just like brushes are the most needed tools in makeup.

In this article you may find the best brushes of Sigma beauty which is my favorite brush brand.


At the end of every November, sigma declares “Black Friday Event” and provides the products free shipping all over the world.

So, which brushes are a must to buy, which are not?

Best Sigma Brushes

Sigma Flat Kabuki F 80 : Think about a brush during applying foundation  gives massage all over your face with it’s soft hair. At the same time you can use this brush for applying powder and blush.

This multifunctional brush is definitely my favorite. I have a pair of it.


Sigma Synthetic Precision P80 : This is the smaller size of Kabuki F 80...

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Alicia Keys and Reebok Classics Partnership

Vogue Magazine September 2013 Cover

For the third time Alicia Keys and Reebok will co-operate in design and partnership. Limited number of the collection of the new products will be consisting of the Alicia’s bright colours, suet and leather touches. Her inspiration taken by the street culture and lived on stage. This is constraining the new fashion of the new creation of Reebok with Keys.

She thinks that this is a chance for her to show her creative skills in this fashion area. When she is asked “Why did she decide to work with Reebok” she answers that she works with them because she loves the brand. It is natural harmony to work with Reebok. It is a match ! And durable to time, Reebok is a great brand in this job.

Her partnership with Reebok seems like they will create one of the new style in the years we will liv...

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Welcome to Vogue Magazines The Platform Of Fashion World

Vogue Magazine is at your service to bring the latest news of the fashion world to you. You will be able to browse the corresponding cover of the current month here.
vogue magazinesCovers of Vogue Magazine has different actresses or models every month. We are going to talk about the cover girls as well. You can share your ideas about these famous people on the covers.
Be careful about their opinions, they are Oscar Winners, their consultants are the most famous people of the world in this job. So their actions can shape the future of the fashion world as well.

Speaking of the cover girls, we will see the opinions of them about the new fashion courses of the fashion consultants. For example the topic of the September 2013 is Wedding ceremonies and women dresses at these ceremonies.
Famous blog websites ca...

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